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Dear friends!
We welcome all of you to the official website of the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan, the oldest creative organization in the Caucasus. The purpose of creating this website (first launched in 2013) is to provide you with detailed information about the path of development of the organization. In order to provide everyone who wants to get acquainted with the theatrical world of Azerbaijan with facts about the activity of the Union and further expand its international relations, starting from 2020, users will be provided with a new version of the site, written in 3 languages and completed with a brand new design. All of the materials on the website, compiled in Azerbaijani, Russian and English, contain information about important events in the history of the Union and its current activity.
Founded in 1897 as Union of Artists, the organization continued its activity as Union of Muslim Artists from 1917, Union of Turkish Actors from 1920, Azerbaijan Theater Society from 1945, and on February 27, 1987 by the order of the founding conference was renamed into the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that throughout the entire period of its rich history it has been operating under different names, from the moment of its creation to the present day, the Union has served one goal - the development and promotion of our national theatrical art.
The Union of Theater Workers, which has passed a glorious path of development, was headed by the great artists of Azerbaijan, and under their leadership, it acquired rich experience and continued its activities in accordance with the requirements of the times.
Since the 1950s, the organization has taken on the responsibility of promoting and supporting the dramatic arts to the masses, as of today it also has a wealth of experience in international relations. The Union is a member of the International Confederation of Theater Unions and the UNESCO International Theater Institute. In addition, the Union is engaged in the implementation of projects that have an impact on the further activation of the theatrical process in various sections, the creation of mutually beneficial relations with government agencies, creative associations and unions related to culture, science and education in accordance with the current legislation,

attracting young people to creative activities, organizing anniversaries, events on memorable occasions, preparing performances, working with publishing houses and other activities that positively affect the development of theatrical art. The site provides extensive information on the activities of the Union in these areas.
We have no doubt that the information that you will find on the site will be very interesting and useful for everyone who works or is interested in the field of theatrical art. We believe that will be met with interest by you and will very soon gather a large number of users.


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  • The Azerbaijan Theater Union is one of the most active creative organizations operating in the country

  • Adhering to the history of the Union, which has been actively involved in the national theater process, it regularly hosts creative parties, meetings, memories…
  • Its main task is to revitalize the theatrical process, give impetus to all the new beginnings, try to integrate our national theater art into the modern world theater process…
  • The Azerbaijan Theater Union is a true member of the world's leading theater organizations: the International Theater Institute of UNESCO and the International Confederation of Theater Unions.
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